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Senior Care

Developing and implementing a program to elevate the level of care for Senior Citizens has been an  organizational priority since Day One.


While we recognize each of our patients as individuals, we know from experience (and data) that, as a group, Senior Patients exhibit a distinct set of needs: education, technological help, financial questions, and long-term, ongoing support, among others.


CureVine has been identifying and fulfilling these needs since its founding in Baltimore four years ago. We've served as the exclusive partner of the Maryland Department of Aging, the Baltimore Department of Aging, had the privilege to speak at many senior-related seminars, and served in many educational and advisory capacities. With our expansion to Florida, we feel it is our best opportunity to support an under-served community.

For any related questions, please call us (410) 596.8967

To inquire about educational opportunities for your group or organization, please e-mail:

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