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Moving past addiction

addiction is a family disease

Treating addiction successfully is rarely a one-person solution.  A study in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment found that people with families who supported their loved one's addiction treatment had twice as much success after six months, one year, and three-or-more years. 

Anyone who has experienced a loved one struggling with addiction are at a far greater risk of unhealthy dynamics, such as codependency, enabling, and feelings of shame, guilt, and resentment. Family members who have dealt with addiction are far more likely to have experienced:

  • emotional distress

  • financial strain

  • a feeling of helplessness in relation to their loved one's addiction

A common interpersonal dysfunction that can result within the family is known as The Drama Triangle.



The Drama Triangle Model

A common dynamic in families dealing with an addiction


Some of the treatment services we offer:

  • First-step advice: free phone consultation to address specific needs

  • Intervention

  • Zoom consultation

  • Detox and taper options

  • Personal Treatment Plan options

  • In-patient and Treatment Center Options

  • After-care 

  • Continuing Family Care

  • Educational Consultation and Resources

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